The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

Saturday, March 24, 2018


We are so thrilled and honored to be able to be a part of Just Right by Purina for our third year. We love being able to represent such a great company and share our adventures, advice, and experiences with all of our social platforms. Still to this day we are always seeing improvements in physique, skin, coat, and teeth. We always have believe this all stems down to using Scooby's Blend by JRBP.
To share the love with you guys - and if anyone wants to create their own personalized blend, FOR 50% OFF, then you can use this code:
Terms & Conditions: Offer valid for 50% off (up to $34.48) one (1) order of Just Right® by Purina® dog food through 4/30/18. Valid on only. For full terms, visit
If anyone wants to learn more about what Just Right by Purina is about, then follow along with me this year, or you can check out any of my previous informative posts on my blog. I have covered all the basics from ingredients, to what should and shouldn't go into your dog's food, to what the differences are from creating your own personalized blend vs normal dog food, and much more!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

JRBP- December

Season's Greetings! 
The month of December is my favorite month because we get to pay it forward and spread some Christmas cheer to some of our fur friends on Instagram. Our friends over at Just Right by Purina send us a little gift to share with our friends, and the best part is they got free codes to create their own free personalized blend. 
We chose our friend's Clyde the Heeler, Bentley the Golden Retriever, and Scotty the German Shepherd. We told them to all check out the website first at to create an account and read all about how Just Right by Purina creates each blend, and what ingredients are actually going into each bag. Everyone seemed so impressed and intrigued by how it worked, and all created their on blend on the website.
Here's our friend Clyde the Heeler with his new Clyde's Blend. It is so cool seeing the final result of everyone's personalized blends. We cannot wait to see how Bentley and Scotty's blends turn out. 
It is awesome to be able to work with such a great dog food company that allows us to share the love with our fur friends, and get them as interested in the company as we are. 
We got creative this month and made Scooby's blend as festive as possible-
We have told everyone before how we like to switch up our personalized blends each month to change it up, so this month Scooby got a grain-free chicken blend. A cool feature is you can head over to their website and learn more about what ingredients you can choose from to go into your blend. As you see below, choosing chicken as our main source of protein has so many benefits.
We hope you all have a Happy Holiday's..and hope to see you next year in 2018 to start a new year with Just Right by Purina! 

Saturday, November 25, 2017


I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving and couple days off like we are! It is always nice to spend more time with family because they are all off from work and school. Today mom and I got to go on a long walk, still burning off that turkey from Thursday! I fueled up on my Scooby's Blend, this time in grain-free salmon flavor before we headed on our walk, so I could be full of energy. You can just see below from our walk on how shiny my coat looks, and how healthy my physique is, thanks to all of the healthy ingredients that goes into my Scooby's Blend.
Another awesome feature about using Just Right by Purina is that they share many informational articles written by Just Right experts. Recently, they came out with an article called, 7 Secrets of Dog Food Ingredient Buyers, which talks about where the ingredients for each blend of Just Right by Purina's food comes from. At Just Right by Purina, Viktoriya Gossage is in charge of buying the ingredients, and talks about the trends, sustainability, and quality of each ingredient in the dog food industry. 
When the holiday's are here, my humans always make sure to keep an eye on me to make sure I do not eat anything I am not suppose to eat. Since this past Thursday was Thanksgiving, the humans got to indulge in a bunch of delicious and savory dishes, and so did I. When it comes to human food, meat is my favorite treat, so in my Scooby's Blend, it got mixed in with some turkey, green beans, and sweet potatoes. This was a great meal to add in some extra protein and low calorie vegetables. Since there are always a lot of leftovers, I will also get rewarded with a bite of turkey as well. 
If you would like to check out some of the helpful and informative articles that Just Right by Purina has to offer, then head over to I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know I am very thankful for my family, and being able to eat a high quality dog food.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Happy Fall everyone!
Today was actually the first day here in Texas that it felt like fall, that's why we had to whip out the sweater! (And how cool is it that I am matching the picture on the bag of my Scooby's Blend). 
It has been a busy couple of weeks, and speaking of, my third Birthday is on Thursday. I am still as happy and healthy as ever, and we give most of the credit to my nutrition..because I eat Just Right by Purina of course. 
The last month or so I have been eating the salmon grain-free blend, and it is wonderful. Every month when we re-order my Scooby's Blend, we always change up the protein, and the photo, and sometimes we even edit my preferences in my profile.
 I wanted to share with you guys what is unique about myself. If I had to pick the one thing that stands out the most, it would be my radiant Corgi smile! Whether I am posing for pictures or just hanging around in the house, I am always showing off my teeth with a huge grin.
A really cool thing about Just Right by Purina that makes it more unique than other dog food brands is that their are certain ingredients in my Scooby's Blend that promotes my dental health.
I have attached this image from to show you exactly what I am talking about. There are many different ingredients that help freshen my breath, reduce plaque build up, and support strong teeth. 
I recently went to the Vet for my annual check up, and they said my teeth looked outstanding. Everyone there are always intrigued when they ask about what food we use and we explain to them what Just Right by Purina is all about.
Now, with October just beginning, one of my favorite holiday's are coming sooner than we know it..Halloween! Mom and I love Halloween because we get to dress me up in super cute costumes, and attend pet friendly events and costume contests together. 
Finding different activities in the Dallas area is one of our favorite things to do together. Last year I was a Firefighter..and this year we are still deciding. I would love to see what everyone is going to be!
As always, if you want to learn more about what Just Right by Purina is about, or how to get started on making your own personalized blend, then head over to their website at,, or feel free to ask us any questions on my social channels.

Monday, July 24, 2017


With it being 2017, who needs to vacuum themselves these days?? 
Well have no fear, Bob is here....
Introducing the bObsweep PetHair Plus by BobSweet (My family was more excited for this than I was..I was hoping it was treats, but I guess keeping the house cleans matters too).
His name is Bob, and is a robotic vacuum cleaner and mop, with a ton of features. 
There are 6 different models, the Bob PetHair Plus, the bObi Pet, the bObi Classic, the Bob PetHair, the Bob Standard, and the Junior.
This is a 5 in 1 cleaning technology:
- Vacuuming
- Sweeping
- Mopping

UV sterilizing 
- Air purification 
Bob has a mass airflow high efficiency particle absorption (HEPA) filter  that removes 99.99% of airborne particles including mold, dust, dust mites, and viruses (like cold and flu).
Bob includes 4 cleaning modes: auto, quick clean (30 mins), touch up mode (15 mins), manual remote control. 
Inside of the box comes with soooo many different accessories as well. 
Scooby literally HATES vacuums, so it's nice to have one that is very quiet, and can do the job for us, and get those hard to reach spots. 
Thank you so much to the team at BobSweep. There are always Scooby's hair everywhere, so this will really help us out!
If you want your own BobSweep then check it out at 
Happy cleaning!!

Friday, July 14, 2017


This month, our topic is about fillers. Now I am sure when you think of the word "fillers" and dog food in the same sentence that it must not be a good thing. Speculations are all over the internet saying that fillers are unnecessary and not needed..but that is what we will find out in this post. For instance, grains that are in dog food (that are cooked of course) contain carbohydrates that give our dog's energy, and other important nutrients just like they do for humans. There have also been speculations about corn being a bad ingredient in dog food, but I have attached an image from Just Right by Purina's website that breaks down the purpose of corn in your dog's food here:
The cool thing about Just Right by Purina is that you have the option to decide whether you want your dog's blend to include grains, or be grain-free. Scooby's Blend has always been grain-free, just because that is what has always worked best for us. So instead of grains, Scooby's Blend contains cassava root flour instead. This ingredient serves as the main carbohydrate for energy for Scooby. Scooby's grain-free Blend is completely balanced to equal the same nutrients as a blend with grains would have. If you cannot decide if you should feed your dog a dog food with grains or no grains, then you can check out this link on their website here: Should I feed my dog grain-free food
Another argument in the pet food industry is which is more important: animal protein or live protein? Just Right by Purina explains that there is no better choice, that both options can equally have the same amount of animo acids that our dogs need in their diet. Just like human's, protein is a crucial part of your diet, and are the building blocks of amino acids. Another thing we really like about Just Right by Purina is they break down which proteins go into each blend we create. For example, I have attached this image from their website to show you what kind of combination of animal and plant protein goes into your dog's food here:
If you'd like to read more about the value of the two different proteins, then click here: Plant protein in dog food
There have been misconceptions about a couple ingredients in dog food that have been considered fillers but are not, and that is corn gluten meal, oat meal, and pea starch. Corn gluten meal has the starch, germ, and bran removed first, for it to become an excellent source of amino acids and protein. Oat meal contains nutrients such as fiber and Omega-6-fatty acids that helps your dog's skin and coat. Pea starch, (which is in Scooby's grain-free Blend) gives carbohydrates for energy. 
At the end of the day, we just want the best for our pets, and to strive to give them the best nutrition possible! That is why we have stuck with Just Right by Purina, and will never turn back!

Monday, June 19, 2017

JRBP-June with Q&A’s, answered by Purina expert, Dr. Gerardo Pérez-Camargo. MRCVS. PhD. Global Pet Welfare and Behavior Manager

This month at Just Right by Purina, we got to ask their experts a couple of our top unanswered questions that we want to know about our pet. The two questions I asked, have always been up in the air waiting to be answered!
Below are the top two Q&A’s, answered by our Purina expert, Dr.  Gerardo Pérez-Camargo.  MRCVS. PhD.
Global Pet Welfare and Behavior Manager.
1.       Why does Scooby never eat his food immediately after it is poured until his bowl, and this goes for both meals, every day!
A: Some dogs are fast eaters, some are not.  It might be that Scooby is not very food driven, or he knows that you will always provide food for him and he does not need to worry about it. The only cause for concern would be if Scooby changes his normal behavior or if he does not eat anything at all by the end of the day. Keep an eye on his body weight to make sure he remains healthy. 
2.      Why does Scooby always throw his bones up in the air while eating them?
A: Scooby seems to be very playful dog.  Sometimes dogs like to imagine that some objects might be alive and they have to chase them to catch them.   By throwing the bone in the air, it is like the bone becomes alive for a while and Scooby has to hunt it.
 Of course as a pet parent we are not perfect, and there are always things I do not know about, so it is awesome to learn something new. For a while, I always thought it was the food that I was feeding Scooby, and that he did not care for it, but any time I would switch foods, he would still act the same. Since we have fed Scooby his Scooby’s Blend by Just Right by Purina, this has been the quickest I have seen him finish his food. It still takes him a while to start eating (and since he is a such a smart and sassy guy, I think Dr. Perez-Camargo is right about Scooby knowing that he is always going to get fed twice a day, so it is always going to be there for him, therefore he will eat on his own time frame).
As for him always throwing his bones up in the air, this was always a question I wanted answered because I have never seen another dog do this before, and I also felt as if this would be a trait in cats, more than in dogs. Scooby has never done this with a toy or any other object before, so it does make sense that since it is a bone he can eat, he is trying to make it like live prey.
We are very fortunate to be able to have such a great dog food brand with excellent customer service and team that always are here to answer our questions and give us advice!
As always, you can head over to their website to learn more, or speak to one of their experts yourself!