The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hi there! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break! I know we sure did. In this month's post, I wanted to talk about how we are thankful for natural pet nutrition, which Just Right by Purina is. Now our family isn't big on feeding people food, but whenever we do, we make sure they are healthy options, such as green beans and carrots! The best part is we don't have to worry about what's in our dog food ingredients from our Scooby's blend by Just Right by Purina because we create it ourselves.
 Speaking of ingredients, I wanted to highlight three important ingredients in Scooby's blend that are key to his diet.
The first ingredient is Lamb, which is the first ingredient used in his personalized blend. The lamb used in Just Right's blends are ranch-raised from New Zealand and Australia. The lamb benefits Scooby by providing him high-quality protein and amino acids for muscle growth and energy. Another good thing about Just Right's dog food is that they do not use animal by-products.
 The second ingredient I wanted to highlight is biotin. Just like humans, biotin is an essential B-complex vitamin that also helps Scooby's short Corgi body metabolize fat, glucose, and amino acids for energy. Each and every bag of Scooby's blend contains the optimal level of biotin.
The final ingredient is calcium carbonate, which is a natural source of calcium, which is an essential mineral for Scooby. It helps support Scooby's bones, teeth, healthy joints, and muscle function. No wonder Scooby is such a healthy and active pup!!
Whenever Scoobs is being a good boy, we do throw in some cooked carrots, green beans, and sometimes meat into his blend from Just Right by Purina. We are always thankful that we have found such a good quality dog food that we can trust.

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