The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Happy Holidays! This month along with my shipment of Scooby's Blend from Just Right by Purina, we received a special gift for mom and I, as well as a gift to give away to anyone we choose. We chose to give the gift to one of our good friends, Abby the mini Goldendoodle. She has been interested in learning more about my food that I eat, and the team at Just Right by Purina are giving her a complimentary bag to create her own Abby's Blend. We are always so excited to share with others about how great this dog food is, so I cannot wait until she gets her shipment at her doorstep.
 In my package, I received PupPeroni treats, a rope, and a ball for myself, and mom received chocolate kisses, ornaments for the Christmas tree, Christmas lights for the house, and a scented diffuser to make the house smell good, and less like a dog..hehe. In Abby's package she received PupPeroni treats, DentaStix, Baneful Baked Delights, a rope, a ball, a frog plush, and her coupon to try a her own personalized blend of Just Right by Purina.
 It has been a great six months of getting to work with such an awesome company, and we hope we can continue this journey. From getting surprise packages for both mom and I, to creating a different blend each month delivered straight to our doorstep in only a couple of days, to attending the Better with Pets Summit in New York City..has all been a wonderful experience. We are so fortunate to have found such a promising dog food for Scooby that helps him stay so healthy and active. Every time we step out in public, someone is always complimenting Scooby on how soft or shiny his coat looks, and how great of shape his body is...we think it is all thanks to his custom Scooby's Blend from Just Right by Purina!

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