The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

The adventures of Scooby the Corgi, along with reviews, affiliations, tips, and giveaways!

Friday, July 14, 2017


This month, our topic is about fillers. Now I am sure when you think of the word "fillers" and dog food in the same sentence that it must not be a good thing. Speculations are all over the internet saying that fillers are unnecessary and not needed..but that is what we will find out in this post. For instance, grains that are in dog food (that are cooked of course) contain carbohydrates that give our dog's energy, and other important nutrients just like they do for humans. There have also been speculations about corn being a bad ingredient in dog food, but I have attached an image from Just Right by Purina's website that breaks down the purpose of corn in your dog's food here:
The cool thing about Just Right by Purina is that you have the option to decide whether you want your dog's blend to include grains, or be grain-free. Scooby's Blend has always been grain-free, just because that is what has always worked best for us. So instead of grains, Scooby's Blend contains cassava root flour instead. This ingredient serves as the main carbohydrate for energy for Scooby. Scooby's grain-free Blend is completely balanced to equal the same nutrients as a blend with grains would have. If you cannot decide if you should feed your dog a dog food with grains or no grains, then you can check out this link on their website here: Should I feed my dog grain-free food
Another argument in the pet food industry is which is more important: animal protein or live protein? Just Right by Purina explains that there is no better choice, that both options can equally have the same amount of animo acids that our dogs need in their diet. Just like human's, protein is a crucial part of your diet, and are the building blocks of amino acids. Another thing we really like about Just Right by Purina is they break down which proteins go into each blend we create. For example, I have attached this image from their website to show you what kind of combination of animal and plant protein goes into your dog's food here:
If you'd like to read more about the value of the two different proteins, then click here: Plant protein in dog food
There have been misconceptions about a couple ingredients in dog food that have been considered fillers but are not, and that is corn gluten meal, oat meal, and pea starch. Corn gluten meal has the starch, germ, and bran removed first, for it to become an excellent source of amino acids and protein. Oat meal contains nutrients such as fiber and Omega-6-fatty acids that helps your dog's skin and coat. Pea starch, (which is in Scooby's grain-free Blend) gives carbohydrates for energy. 
At the end of the day, we just want the best for our pets, and to strive to give them the best nutrition possible! That is why we have stuck with Just Right by Purina, and will never turn back!

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